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Visa Process

We provide proper assistance and guidelines to them who want to excel career studying abroad. ROMANIA, POLAND, SLOVAKIA, SPAIN, PORTUGAL and many more.
* Direct and Open communication
* Speedy process
* Teamwork
* Flexibility and willingness to accept change
* Recognizing and learning from mistakes
* Risk-taking


Tourist Visa

This Visa allows one to travel to foreign countries and access permission for entry to the destination country they are travelling to for touristic and leisure purposes, visiting relatives and friends and stay for a predetermined amount of time.

* Quality care
* Business growth
* Business associates
* Work
* Customer service
* Decision making


Job Placement

Dream Euro World is one of the best professional consultency firm works for those students
and Worker whom are seeking education & Work in foreign countries. We promise to provide
best possible solution for those students and Worker in Bangladesh. Feel free to talk with us.

* Leadership
* Business improvement
* Staff
* Market identity
* Social community
* Environmental sustainability


Your Partner in Success

At our consulting firm, we don't just offer advice—we offer a partnership that is dedicated to your success. We walk alongside you, supporting you at every turn as you embark on your journey toward excellence. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and ethical practices underscores every interaction and recommendation.

Together, we can overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and realize your aspirations. Let us be the catalyst for positive change, the architects of innovation, and the guides that lead you toward a future marked by achievements beyond your imagination.

Experience the transformative power of consulting. Unlock your potential, embrace new horizons, and embark on a journey of growth and prosperity. Your success story starts here.


DREAM EURO WORLD Professional customer consultation providing hassle-free travel and journey. Creative but determined approach to search for the most appropriate travel arrangements and accommodations and identifying the best possible values. Our travel consultants are friendly, polite, professional & experienced in accommodating both the seasoned traveler and those who are new to Travel the world.