Visa Process

Tourist Visa Consultancy
September 8, 2020

We provide proper assistance and guidelines to them who want to excel career studying abroad. ROMANIA, POLAND, SLOVAKIA, SPAIN, PORTUGAL and many more.

In the whole Student Visa Procedure, the most critical part is when we submit your documents to the embassy to get your visa. Not a single mistake is allowed here, or else our hard work will go in vain; therefore, we assure a double cross-check of each file before final submission
to the Embassy.

We are well-informed about the latest information on migration rules and well-connected with Embassy employees to know about the last-minute rules. We believe that, because of having up-to-date information about the Embassy, in many cases, we could tell your chances in getting a visa before the Embassy does. Along with this, we do not make our final submission if we visibly understand the higher chances of your visa refusal.


We understand the loss of money, energy, time, and overall mental situation of a student when he/she gets a negative result based on Visa Application. Therefore, we always extract the files in which we can apply our visa assistance competency that can end up with a positive decision and your smiling face.


Student Visa Procedure for entering these countries are not the same at all; although, lists of
documents are not the same in these countries the basic documents that you need to provide
during visa application are given in the list below:

 Visa Application Form (Need to be filled up)
 CV (Curriculum Vitae)
 Photocopy of your Passport
 Photocopy of your NID
 Passport-sized Photos
 Letter of Acceptance
 Photocopies of all Academic Transcripts and Certificates
 Photocopies of Medical Certificates
 Bank Statement
 Police Clearance Certificate

Please note, we do not engage in any malpractice regarding visa assistance.